Original indie comic series NORTH jumps mediums to team-up with original hero television series SPLIT CITY for a world-building opportunity on the small screen.
Slated for several seasons of adventure, Volume One of Scott Sawyer’s indie original comic series NORTH boasts a multi-cast of new heroes and villains fit for any medium. And any company looking to start building a universe of their own (Marvel or DC style) would do well to consider the dynamic cast of characters in NORTH.
And if NORTH’s heroes are the NOVEL universes’ Avengers, then Sawyer’s original dramatic action series SPLIT CITY is the answer to it’s X-men, offering a dark and different genesis via a cast of heroes and villains whose stories help build to the crescendo of a crossover between the two series.

Practically raised by Stan Lee, Sawyer has studied the Marvel way his entire life…shares the love and knows the recipe, following in the footsteps of the giants that came before him but with his own new twists.