Scott is a Canadian-born writer, filmmaker, and comic book creator residing in Toronto. His devotion to the story is unwavering.
Sawyer’s love affair with film and comic books that started as a child still burns brightly as ever. In the role of writer, director, author, and illustrator (even single father), Sawyer’s goal is always to create that same sense of wonderment in his expectant audience. Whether you’re reading his scripts, watching his films, or reading his comic series, by honoring beloved old conventions and pushing them aside to break new ground, Scott’s stories will catch you by surprise and always leave you thinking.
To ask Scott what his favourite film is, would be to receive the answer ‘Yes.’
Sawyer is the writer/director of the feature film ONE GOOD REASON distributed by Factory Film Studio and has a second feature film (ENFORCER) currently in development with producers Alex Jordan and Michael Patrick Lilly. He wrote and created the short film SPLIT CITY and is the writer/illustrator of the published comic book NORTH by NOVEL Comics.
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